Common Questions

What is about SENLASY ?

SENLASY is all about creativity with different kinds of creation. Include coding with different fantasy. Fantasy Islands are also the collections of different fantasy with writing and creativity with different services or products. The founding of the SENLASY is just start with only me creation and I love to create different creative things with different co-creation. I just love to do what I do.

What can we do in SENLASY ?

You can join as the member creation for free in SENLASY.
With that, You can subscribe the islands to follow the your favourite islands and involve in different activities such as writing message on islands and more...

What is about Fantasy Islands ?

Creative & fantastic islands are wild fantasy wonderland.
Each island connect the dots of new, fresh, wild, and different experiences.
Enjoy unique kinds of experiences in each island. Subscribe island for more experiences...
Fantastic islands bring new fresh experiences with fantasty and new look of modern era.
Explore and visit different fantastic islands and have adventures.

What can we do with fantasy islands ?

You can subscribe the fantasy island to follow the fantasy islands' different contents and events. Later you can write message and contribute other activities in our fantasy islands. Islands are still in development state for future & new features that we can do with the islands are coming soon in September 2019. So stay tuned.

What is about Persona ?

Each member has persona to embrace different fantasy adventures and you can do unique quest that is specific for the persona.

What is about Lukimon ?

This is the cute partner that come from egg . For now you can pet the lukimon. Lukimon and adventures are still in development state. So stay tuned September 2019 for new features coming in fruition...

Explore our fantastic islands.

With colourful experiences and fantasy.